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An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
Kusum power control company established in 1997 made a small begining with the manufacture of PVC wires & cables & gradually added to its complete range wires, submersible wires, industrial cables, Co-axial Cables Telephone cables. The company totally produce quality product in the name of FEVILEX brand. The company having experience of manufacturing quality grade wires & cables with having experience of 25 years and suppling to various private & Government institutions.
Presenting FEVILEX wires & cables made from finest material & tested to and exacting standard defines quality that stands our product different from market. The cable is BIS marked & approved by various departments with having ISO 9001:2008 company.
All our product tested in state of the art laboratory by our BIS certified Engineers. The cable manufactured strict according the Indian Standard and we have been granted permission to mark every coil with This approval is given after careful investigation by the Indian Standard Institution into the methods of manufacture and the facilities available for testing and quality control. Only as a result of such investigation the Company is allowed to put the ISI Mark on their product.The Bureau of Indian Standard maintain the quality by regular inspection the factory and by testing of cables by an independent authority.
Multi strand HR PVC
Fevilex Single Core Unsheathed
Copper Flexible Cables in
Voltage Grade 1100 V.
Weather Proof Twin Cables
Fevilex Twin Flat P.V.C. Insulated Aluminium Conductor Sheathed Cables ( Black) 1100 Volts
Industrial Screened Cable
Fevilex Industrial Braided Unarmour Screened Cables 1100 Volts Rate Per 100 MTR.
Postal Ballot Kindly refer theInvestors' the Section for details

Finolex and Corning to establish 50/50 for equity venture

Postal Ballot Kindly refer theInvestors' in the Section for details

Finolex and Corning to establish 50/50 and equity venture
  Telephone Wire
  Industrial Screened Cable
  T.V. Dish Coaxial
  Computer Networking Cable
  Flexible Bunched Wire
  Speaker Wire and Twin Parallel
  CCTV Camera Wires
  Welding Cables
  Multi Strand HR PVC
  Weather Proof Twin Cable
  Aluminium Single Core
  CTS Wire- Liner
  Submersible Cables
  T TEC Single Core
FEVILEX wires & cables

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